Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dave Navarro knows he's not gay because of same-sex encounters

You would think that having Carmen Electra to "experiment" with would be enough. But, not for former Jane's Addiction and now The Panic Channel guitarist Dave Navarro. Dave says he's experimented sexually with other men and that the guy-on-guy sex has convinced himself that he is not gay.

Says Navarro:

"I've come to realise through my experimentation over the years that I'm not gay, nor am I bisexual," Navarro told gay publication dot News magazine.

The former Red Hot Chili Pepper, who famously locked lips with lead singer Anthony Kiedis in one of their music videos, added: "I've never been aroused by a man, but I've been in situations where I could potentially be aroused."

So, did he not get aroused during his experiments? Maybe he stopped short when in the immortal words of George Costanza "it moved." Don't think one of these boys didn't tape some of this action. This will all come out on film somewhere and we'll see if Dave was just chubbin' or full on grubbin'...

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