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David Litvinsky, the leader of Blindswitch, has been playing music for over 15 years. But, because he started at an early age is a relatively young 20-something. David's influences range from The Beatles to The Cure to Neil Young. However, Dave cites John Lennon as his biggest influence. "John had a certain grace about him, even when he moved it was musical."

David began writing songs for his first record Shadows On The Wall in September of 2005 and was finished just 3 months later. "It all went by so fast, the songs just started coming. I would wake up in the morning and run over to my recorder and hum or sing a melody into it. From there it just grew into a song."

The tunes are receiving great response on Myspace, including the bouncy ditty "Little Girl." Dave has enjoyed the fan reaction: "I wanted to see if people liked the tunes, so I put my first 2 songs up on myspace...I was blown away at the reaction the songs got. I never expected it. This reaction gave me the confidence to continue writing." Shadows On The Wall was released in April and reviews have been positive.

AbsolutePowerPop says "NYC's Blindswitch debuts in fine fashion with Shadows on The Wall, putting the power into "power pop" not unlike contemporary faves such as Waltham, Rooney and Weezer, with a touch of Fountains of Wayne and Jet thrown in as well. Led by singer/songwriter/frontman David Litvinsky, Blindswitch manages to mix things up to good effect. "Little Girl" is the obvious standout - it can probably be best described as Fountains of Weezer. "I Know" is melodic rock at its best; "Kick Me" ventures out of the powerpop genre into straight-ahead hard rock, while "Til Tomorrow" and "World of Dreams" are power ballads that any 80s hair band would kill for. One-stop shopping on this one: Head over to their site, and stream all of the tracks in their entirety."

Blindswitch plays this Thursday, August 10th at Sin-E in NYC as part of Earvolution's Summer Jam 2006. A few tickets remain and are available here.

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