Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pearl Jam vs Nirvana: Who's Better?


About a Girl


Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam

Masters of War

The Man Who Sold the World


Come As You Are

Evenflow (unplugged)

Come As You Are (unplugged)


Radio Friendly Unit Shifter

Better Man

Love Buzz


Lounge Act


Smells Like Teen Spirit


Drain You



Gone: live webcast filmed on Letterman set

Negative Creep: live @ Pinky's Garage

Yellow Ledbetter




All Apologies



Syd said...

Ho-leeee shit, what a post!

Nirvana gets my vote, btw.

Dustin B said...

Nirvana is quite possibly the most overrated band on earth. Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam are nothing to praise either, but I would listen to them. Nirvana (actually, just Kurt) is a useless piece of crap that we all could have done without. He should have pulled the trigger before the rest of the world saw him...what an attention whore (and crappy songwriter)! The grunge age still would have happened my friends - that Seattle boom was destiny...

pinolobu said...

musically speaking, nirvana were better than pearl jam.

bleader said...

quote: "Nirvana is quite possibly the most overrated band on earth. Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam are nothing to praise either, but I would listen to them. Nirvana (actually, just Kurt) is a useless piece of crap that we all could have done without. He should have pulled the trigger before the rest of the world saw him...what an attention whore (and crappy songwriter)! The grunge age still would have happened my friends - that Seattle boom was destiny..."

this is but stuck up bullshitting,
OK Cobain was an attention whore, but for one he didnt dissafirm that, its only a personal goal that he achiefed, 2nd in no way does that - or the fact coming with that a large part of his fans being morons - enfeeble the artistic skills he had and shared

McParadigm said...

Both bands started out as decent, though not amazing bands. Nirvana never got to grow, however, and Pearl Jam stuck around to expand their place in the great aural universe. For those first three records, it's close. I prefer Pearl Jam, even then, but not by much. Since 1994, though, Pearl Jam has continued to make good records.

I vote Pearl Jam, if for no reason other than that for each good Nirvana record, there are two good Pearl Jam discs. You leave the party early, you miss out. Sorry.

blndancer13 said...

NIRVANA Love em both but LOooooooooooove Kurt way more than Eddie

curtcropper said...
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betterman said...

Wow...so far nobody has come close to answering this question correctly. First of all you're right, grunge would have happened without nirvana and pearl jam, but it wouldn't have been nearly hat it was. They were the two biggest bands to come out of Seattle. And for the person who thinks pearl jam and nirvana "started out as descent," you're wrong. They were amazing from the beginning. Ten (pearls jam's first album) was full oh hits and Nevermind (nirvana's second album) included smells like teen spirit, enough said. As for personal preference I like pearl jam, but nirvana is one of the greatest bands of all time, and the greatest when referring to grunge. So I have to give the honors to nirvana for being the better of the two bands based on their influence on the whole Seattle grunge scene from the beginning

rajat cobain said...

fisrt f all bustin b is an unaware gud4 nothng guy.whn u dsnt knw anythng u mst not comment on it.nirvana is d greatst band of all times.dere mst not b any comparison.pearl jam is a gud band bt nowhere near NIRVANA.kurt never seekd attntion bt alws run away fm fame.
we love u kurt.u r god.

gunn said...

syd - you can be a fucken mad underground grunge fanboy all you want but the facts are that

a) the only two bands from the seattle era that have any historical relevance today is nirvana, and to a lesser extent, pearl jam and
b)with the term grunge thrown about so reguarly, no one seems to realise that out of all the "grunge" era bands, nirvana had the least amount of defining qualities that you would associate with grunge, yet were still the main posterboys. the members of the band were more comfortable with the alt pop tag and imo, it suits there music better.

Beastie Girl said...

Both bands are equally great in their own ways. I prefer Pearl Jam for their great vocals and fantastic guitar, however Nirvana gives me a sad yet inspiring feeling when I hear them. And whoever said Nirvana is super overrated, this may be true, but you CAN NOT deny the great combination of the brilliant Cobain, stonewall Novoselic, and now AMAZINGLY successful musician Dave Grohl. Sorry but Nirvana is and will REMAIN legendary. But Nirvana I feel is TOTALLY different kind of grunge. Pearl Jam sounds NOTHING like Nirvana and vice versa obviously, and so to me it seems unfair to compare the two. Both have better aspects in different places within their music. All I can conclude with about the two bands is they are both part of a great movement and have made a great mark in music history. Although I wish Kurt would have remained with us for a few more years to expierence maybe some solo works, I am pleased with Pearl Jam still to this date. I hope to hear great things from them. NOW if you compared Alice In Chains and Nirvana, it would have been MUCH more appropiate.

PS Nirvana and Pearl Jam in the beginning sounded awful, I'm talking pre- Ten & Bleach album. They matured greatly after their sophmore albums I believe. In Utero and Vs. are far better than their "well known" albums.

Mzia C said...

Hey losers, is this how you enjoy the music?

Ryan said...

Rajat Cobain, learn to write first, then leave your cave, read a book, and listen so something with actual musical substance other than a jumble of words coming from a drugged up dead asshole. Seriously you can talk to any heroin addict or whatnot and if you put music behind their words, you have another Kurt Cobain.

little_lukeyboi06 said...

I like Pearl Jam, but Nirvana are better, in most ways, even if they songs are simple, they sound better, smells like teen spirit is so simple yet look what it did? Nirvana are better by quite a lot if I do say so, and please Pearl Jam fanboys stop saying things like 'Kurt was just a druggy and couldn't write real lyrics' Kurts lyrics were amazing, and even Eddie Vedder said and I quote ''We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Kurt Cobain.''

Francisco said...

Oh my god. Pearl Jam was way better. Kurt was a total attention hog who felt "depressed" about everything. Eddie had probably worse life than Kurt. Kurts parents divorced and then he started doing drugs and other stuff. Eddie didn't know his real dad until he was a teenager and his real dad was pretty much dead. Kurt killed himself for what? To show people how you can be a jackass and people will still like you?

Jahanx1 said...

Firstly I think without Green River, also incidentally from Seattle, there wouldnt have been either Pearl Jam or Nirvana, GR started out in 88, they reformed in late 2000's and you can hear the evident 'Grunge' signature that others tried to emulate and to some extent perfected and improved on. Either way if your going to say Nirvana is better or Pearl Jam is better, its like saying blue is better than red, both bands were brilliant, but for me there's something about Green that has that organic thing about it..

Devin said...

When I first heard Pearl Jam I thought, "Damn, I like Nirvana more!" Over the years Pearl Jam has grown on me more and more. Although I do like Nirvana's music still, I have come to terms that they were over-hyped in the 90's looking back now. Doesn't mean they don't make good music. Pearl Jam has more content, so I think that is why I also favor them more now, but nothing can take those few albums away from Nirvana. Damn I miss the 90's.

Sparkvark said...

To be honest, I don't think Pearl Jam is that great. Most of their songs just don't sound great to me and I think it's because of Eddie Vedder. I hate his voice. Oh well. On the otherside, I think Kurt was too drugged up when he was performing to really shine, but even then I think he was better.

Pearl Jam might have been a little better with the instrumental aspect to things, but Nirvana was close.

So go ahead and call me an idiot if you want, but I think Nirvana was a lot better and that's my opinion (and many others) and nothing will change it.

nicolas said...

I prefer Pearl Jam longer, better voice, better melodies. Nirvana is imo an overrated band.

JimijaymesGuitarist said...

Maybe if you are only a GRUNGE fan then Pearl Jam because in my opinion Nirvana didn't sound much like Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden or alot of other Grunge bands they were from Seattle but they were closer to Sonic Youth, The Pixies, The Melvins and other bands less heavy metal more punk. I love nirvana and think they are one of the last great bands. The dynamics and emotion portrayed through some songs was amazing listen to About A Girl or Something In The Way no acoustic style songs in the 90's come close for me. I can't stand Eddie Vedders voice and I find alot of Pearl Jam stuff monotonal and to brick wall of sound for me. I am amazed how many people seem to hate Nirvana. I see why Pearl Jam are successful and I have a few of their albums on my pc but I never feel I want to put a Pearl Jam album on and can't listen to more then a few songs whereas I often put on Nevermind and love every single song on it. Part of it is what you hear growing up I guess but I've never like many of the other 'GRUNGE' bands more a fan of post-grunge and alternative stuff of the 90's (whats comes under those genres on wiki)

Finn said...

I love them both and set up a blog myself to evaluate and review the songs of nirvana and pearl jam. Here's the link, please comment on my regular posts and keep the spirit of real music from dying.
Here's the link:

I'll put this short and simple.
Nirvana= My favorite grunge band Kurt was a god and put his whole soul into his songs and had an amazing voice especially live.
Krist was seriously underrated and in my opinion is a fantastic bassist. Dave well only one phrase can describe Dave... He is an amazing singer and songwriter for Foo Fighters drummer for nirvana,back up bassist for nirvana and electric guitarist for Foo Fighters.

Pearl Jam: My favorite Alt Rock band. The reason I classify Pearl Jam as alternative rock is because I have never heard anything like Eddie's beautiful deep thoughtful lyrics and his amazing voice.

the_dudameister said...

I love both bands, but I honestly think that Pearl Jam beats Nirvana in nearly ever aspect.

-Vedder is probably the greatest HARD ROCK lyricist in history aside from maybe Maynard James Keenan. Kurt's lyrics were mediocre, plain and simple. 80% of his lyrics had nothing to do with the supposed message of the song and they barely made any sense when they did. Any praise that Kurt gets for his lyrics is just pure fanboy ass kissing IMO.

-Both McCreedy and Gossard are by far better guitarists than Kurt. I don't think this aspect should even be up for debate. Cobain was average at best on the guitar, though I admit he was able to make up for his lack of skill with songwriting ability.

-Kurt and Vedder were probably equal as vocalists, though Vedder has a MUCH wider vocal range. I do prefer Vedders live performances though.

-Ament totally blows Novoselic out of the water on the bass. Novaselic was a complete amatuer and was only really in the band because he and Kurt were buddies.

-Grohl is probably equal to both Abbruzzese and Cameron on the drums. Jack Irons however was better than Grohl IMO. I think I will give this one to Nirvana though since they kept a fairly constant drummer throughout their career and Pearl Jam has had several drummers over the years.

-In terms of songwriting, Pearl Jam as a whole is much better than Nirvana. All you have to do is compare their first three albums:

Nirvana's 1st ablum "Bleach": Poor album IMO. Sorry to Nirvana fanboys, but the album was average at best. There is a reason that it never took off.

Pearl Jam's 1st album "Ten": Probably one of the greatest DEBUT albums ever, and possibly the best rock album of the 90's

Nirvana's second album "Nevermind": Great album and definite contender for best rock album of the 90's.

Pearl Jam's second album "Vs": Fastest selling rock album of all time, and was the fastest selling album of any genre for nearly six years. Nuff said. (Just as good as "Ten" IMHO)

Nirvana's third album "In Utero": Good solid album. Most of the songs were good.

Pearl Jam's third album "Vitology": Second fastest rock album of all time. Not quite as good as "Vs" but still a great album. "Immortality", "Corduroy", "Better Man", and "Spin the Black Circle" beat anything on "In Utero" IMO.

Nirvana deserves credit for introducing Grunge to the main stream, but as a band Pearl Jam is simply better. I honestly enjoy both, but Nirvana is one of the most overrated music artists ever. They were a great band, but NOT one of the greatest of all time. Nirvana is probably top 30, but not top 10. Pearl Jam is not even top 10.

Overall I am going to give it to Pearl Jam. They were great in the 90's and they are still going strong nearly 20 years later. VERY FEW bands have been able to pull that off.

Aaron said...

honestly anyone who thinks kurts lyrics are good. are stupid, i will quote a lyric from one of cobains songs "aqua sea foam shame" anyone who can tell me what that means....i will give u a nickel. pearl jam all the way nirvana is way overrated and simplistic. dont get me wrong nirvana is a good band. but nothing to pearl jam.....and btw for u nirvana fan-boys "ten" sold 12 million copies and "nevermind" only sold 10 million copies....

Francisco said...

long story short, both hated mainstream radio. Both were awesome bands. and last but not least, both are abillion times better than this shitty mainstream pop bullcrap thats blared on the radio 24/7. if you ask me, i think all grunge fans should stop arguing wether pearl jam or nirvana is better and find ways to promote both bands and more including all the big grunge bands (nirvana,pearl jam,alice in chains, soundgarden) and others wether its grunge, punk(bad brains, dead kennedies), rapcore (rage against the machine, faith no more, red hot chili peppers), or even just rap (cypress hill, Eric B and Rakim, and no stupid ass lil wayne shit).

Joey Reeves said...

I think that Nirvana's sound and image pretty much summed up the 90's in a way. Sure they weren't the greatest musicians but they were great song writers. Take 'unplugged in new york' for example. That show was spectacular when you take into account that they usually finished gigs with 'Endless Nameless' then smashing everything up.

I don't really know much about pearl jam but I do know they're slightly more classic rock oriented than nirvana were so it's fairly obvious that they were gonna overtake nirvana at some point and they're still together suprisingly enough.

Long story short, I think nirvana were better but I have alot of respect for pearl jam aswell and they weren't really that comparable sound wise.

The only reason they were both 'grunge' bands was because the media tried to stick a label on every band that was out at the time so that people cound identify it,just like with punk rock.

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