Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Supernova v. Supernova

CBS & Mark Burnett Productions have been sued by the California rock band Supernova to prevent the use of their name in conjunction with the supergroup to include drummer Tommy Lee, bassist Jason Newsted, guitarist Gilby Clarke and the winner of the surprisingly addictive summer reality series Rock Star: Supernova. While fans of the movie Clerks will already be familiar with the punk trio, their "Chewbacca" being featured prominently in Smith's slacker classic, they may be surprised to learn of the band's continued existence. Formed in 1989, the original Supernova released three albums, their most recent in 2002, and reportedly have a new one in the works. They filed for a preliminary injunction this past Friday in U.S. District Court in San Diego seeking to prevent use of their intellectual property.

It stands to reason that someone involved with CBS or Mark Burnett Productions would have checked out the availability of the "Supernova" trademark before launching their "American Idol with balls" reality show; in that case, such an omission remains baffling. While it's unlikely CBS will replace Lee, Newsted and Clarke with the three other members of Supernova; surely, they can hire them as an opening act, can't they?

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