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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Amy Lee Speaks to Revolver 

Amy Lee and Evanescence have been going through some growing pains and lineup changes lately. Amy sat down with Revolver to discuss the goings on and some other issues like meeting groupies on the road. Here are a couple quotes from Miss Lee:

On her bandmates jealousy: "They just want to play their instruments, and they rather I do most of the press and the work while they sleep."

On groupies during her tour: "At an aftershow party, a couple kept talking to us and getting closer and closer, and finally they let us know that they were swingers and they wanted to bring me back to their place. I was totally horrified."

I get two things out of these statements. One, her bandmates are lucky this thing is still a band and not simply called the Amy Lee project. Second, apparently she doesn't realize she's in a rock and roll band. The full interview is in the July issue of Revolver, which is on stands now.

On your second note, it sounds like you're saying: since Amy is in the industry her body is public property. She has the right to not comply with the industry standards of alchohol, drugs, violence and swinging.
actually no, that's not what i'm saying. Not even close. I'm just saying her being "horrified" is a bit naive. No one is saying she should do those things, but for her to think that stuff doesn't go on or to be "shocked" by it to where she is "horrified" seems a bit naive. Laugh it off and move on is all I'm saying.
Dude, try posting the whole quote instead of twisting it around:
Do your bandmates get jealous that you get all the attention?
No, they're here to rock. They just want to play their instruments and they'd rather I do most of the press and the work while they sleep.
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