Friday, June 22, 2007

Frank Black Compilation

Frank BlackFrank Black will always be associated with the Pixies, but the frontman for that ground breaking group, of course, has also been fairly prolific as a solo artist. Black has managed to release nine solo efforts and a compilation spanning those works is due out in the U.S. next week. Through a statement, Black has this to say about the two-disc set:

"I felt a little sheepish when my manager suggested a Best Of: I'm not exactly known for my hit records. But then, I didn't get into this to have hits. I did it to be a maverick, to be underground, to be part of that world as opposed to the Top 40 world. I wanted to be an artist and a musician, not to get invited to parties. It's about being true to yourself. But I've got a big back catalogue, and so for the uninitiated, Frank Black 93-03 is a good place to start. It just sounds like a regular Frank Black album because all my records are schizophrenic in tenor - fast song, slow song, country song, punky song. Although it's boring to say, 'I think it's very representative of who I am as an artist', it really is!"

The compilation features a new track that is a preview from his next record of new material, Bluefinger, which is set for a September release. You can give a listen to "Threshold Apprehension" here.

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