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Monday, June 11, 2007

Guns N' Roses Kick Off Australian Tour 

Guns N' Roses launched their first tour of Australia in nearly 15 years. That probably means that many of the young kids at the show in Perth were toddlers when Axl Rose and crew were at their height. But, one reviewer says that time hasn't diminished Axl's stage presence and the corn-rowed singer scored some major brownie points by dedicating the show to hometown legend Bon Scott of AC/DC. The band ran through all the "hits" but apparently left no hints about that oh so infamous Chinese Democracy record that is "allegedly" coming out some day.

Not sure what happened in other cities, but Sydney got to hear several of the Gunners new songs, and whilst the crowd didn't go as crazy as when they played the old skool stuff, they still really appreciated them. I personally think that when Chinese Democracy comes out it will rock - of course any album that has taken as long to record should rock!
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