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Friday, June 08, 2007

Ozzy Speaks to Guitar World 

Ozzy Osbourne is a busy guy. Ozzfest is set to gear up soon and, of course, Ozzy is readying his latest record Black Rain for release this summer as well. Ozzy took some time to speak with Guitar World, who sent over a few choice quotes:

On his health: "I'll tell you, it's a weird feeling waking up and thinking you're dead. That's happened to me; that's where you gotta go, Well, it's time to stop, 'cause the next time I wake up and think I'm dead, I'll really be dead."

On Keith Richards snorting his father's ashes: "I was knocked out when Keith Richards came out and said he snorted his father. I thought, Well, somebody's gotta do something insane while I'm taking a break, you know? Thank God he was joking. I've already snorted a line of ants. I don’t need to try to top that!"

On the toughest substance to quit: "They're all a bitch to kick, but I'd have to say cigarettes. I used to cover my whole body with [nicotine] patches. I looked like a goddamn mummy. And I'd still smoke! Then my heart would start beating like crazy and I'd break out in sweats. But one day I just said, 'Enough of this shit.' And I quit, just like that."

Ozzy's complete interview is in the current Guitar World on news stands now.

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