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Monday, June 04, 2007

Paris Hilton Dropped By Record Label 

Paris Hilton was dropped by her record label. File this under, "duh?" Yes, I know these big corporate record labels think consumers are stupid. But, here the market worked. Hilton is, of course, off to jail. But, the label heads who signed her are guilty of crimes against the art of music making.

Reports say the company is thought to be disappointed after spending $250,000 in a video for single "Stars Are Blind" and a big promotional tour. With all the daily press Hilton generates and the label muscle behind the release, she reportedly sold only 70,000 cds.

I'm still amazed that some of these "insiders" at labels have jobs. They are the ones who should be dropped for signing her in the first place. Maybe if these labels let millionaires fund their own vanity records and looked around for artists with actual talent instead of trying to parlay a gimmick they wouldn't be so "disappointed" with sales.

A representative for Warner Brothers is quoted said, "We are not expecting any new Paris Hilton material in the foreseeable future." Like I said above, duh!

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