Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paris Hilton Serenaded by Dion

What major social event of our times can compel Dion to write a new song? Climate change? No. The war in Iraq? Ummm...not. Poverty in Africa? Nope. The jailing of Paris Hilton? Yes!

The rock and roll hall of famer who penned "Run Around Sue" and "The Wanderer" has put together a little ditty called "Hey Paris" and did a little video performance that's up on YouTube: catch it here.


Hey Paris, when I saw you tonight in your party dress,
Your make-up perfect, your hair a perfect mess
I must confess

Hey Paris, a love that I'd been hold in
Felt like the walls were closing' in around me
I must confess

I confess to the crime of lovin' you
And everything that comes with
I confess that too

Hey Paris, look out in the evening sky
There's a big ol' lovers moon that's rising high
Let's take a ride

Hey Paris, just out past the LA line
Where the air is clean & the water tastes like wine
Let's take a ride

It ain't even half-past eleven
We got time to make it to Heaven tonight

Paris, look at me
The sun will set you free

Paris, let's blow this town
This town just brings me down

Hey Paris, honest as the day is long
All I want is everything you want,
Girl honest I do

Hey Paris, It's not just your dress that's blue
I know I am, I think that you are too
Honest, I do

Blue is the color of lonesome me
Lonesome & blue you don't have to be no more
Paris, no more

You got a friend till the very end
I'll stand by you
I'll pray for you
I'm looking out for you

...steady girl.

Mr. Dion is quite the punster! What say you Paris, going to take him for a ride? What's one more?

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