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Monday, June 11, 2007

Rock Feud News 

I always get a kick out of reading about these "rock feuds" - remember Axl Rose and Vince Neil? The latest feuds cover a variety of genres. Rolling Stone reports about the beef between My Chemical Romance and Marilyn Manson. Manson reportedly thinks that MCR are ripping him off and may have written "Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of Flattery" - from Eat Me, Drink Me record about MCR. Gerard Way, MCR's frontman, thinks Manson is making the accusations for publicity. Maybe a duel with black eye liner pencils is in the works?

On the other end of the spectrum, the "feud" between the Bravery and the Killers is heading into a period of detente. The Bravery's singer Sam Endicott reportedly regrets the verbal catfights with the Killers. The band is apparently now more focused on their music. They are on a club tour now and later this summer will hit the road with Incubus.

The final act of today's feud news trilogy features a pair of British bands. Kasabian is still not done sparring with Keane. British tabloids say the jabbing "reignited" when Keane singer Tom Chaplin reportedly questioned the drinking abilities of the Kasabian lads. Kasabian struck back with a crack on Chaplin's weight and his alleged penchant for pies. Sounds like someone needs a timeout.

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