Friday, June 22, 2007

Slash 4, Axl 0

The last recorded work released by a Guns N' Roses entity was The Spaghetti Incident way back in November of 1993. Since that time no group's "next record" has been the subject of as much discussion, for better or worse, than the mythical Chinese Democracy record that Axl and his new crew may, and I mean may, finally deliver this year - some 14 years later.

Since that time, not even counting his numerous guest appearances on records, including five in 2006 alone, Slash has managed to put out 4 records between his Snake Pit and Velvet Revolver projects. Ok, so the Velvet Revolver record Libertad won't officially be out until July 3rd, but there is a better chance of a turnaround in Iraq then there is of Axl popping out a record before that date. For those interested in more then just the score between Slash and Axl, you check out the video for Velvet Revolver's "She Builds Quick Machines" here.

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