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Monday, June 04, 2007

Stones Not Touring For The Money 

Keith Richards felt the need to hit back at Rolling Stones critics who say the band keeps churning out tours to continue to cash in. There's no question the Stones do rake in the bucks when they tour. But, what's wrong with that? Richards and crew have earned all the money they've made by providing a product that people want to buy. It is plain and simple economics. But, Richards insists it's not just about the cash.

Keith is quoted as saying "I don't think you could get these guys to do it just for the money. It's still a bloody adventure. Every time you set sail on these things, they're never the same and I love to see the world and I hope the world loves to see me. You get this insane idea that you can only do this between 17 and 25, but y'know, I'm not a tennis player. I'll show you how long it can be done."

It is quite impressive that these guys are still out there doing it over age 60. There's no doubt the tour is about more than money too. Don't forget there are still chicks and good times on the road!

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