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Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears' Comeback? 

Britney Spears comebackBritney Spears donned her best diamond studded bra to take the stage at last night's MTV "Video" Music Awards, but it wasn't enough to hide a subpar performance. Say what you want about Spears. However, in her pre-K Fed days she was at least somewhat of an exciting performer. Not so much last night. Britney's listless "performance" was a bust by all accounts, with rapper 50 Cent summing it all up with a bewildered expression as he looked on at Spears walking through what she must have thought was just a dress rehearsal for talent night at the clinic.

The Britney debacle, though, speaks to more than just Spears' unpreparedness. It goes to the larger question of MTV and the big label heads pushing "performers" instead of actual musicians. Instead of wasting everyone's time, imagine if MTV would have invited a band like the Cold War Kids or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or the dozens more great live bands that could have injected some energy and musicianship into the show. Good musicians can still pull off a decent show on an off night. But, as Spears proved, if the performance (and lip synching) is off there is nothing to fall back on. Not even some nice panties can save you. I hope the "pros" at the top of the "music industry" has more to offer us than this.


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