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Monday, September 17, 2007

Chuck Treece Rises with McRad 

McRad: F.D.R.
Uprising Records

By: Rinjo Njori

At some point Chuck Treece tried out for the open slot as the Bad Brains lead singer. Although he didn't work out a possible replacement for H.R., Treece got a second chance with the band and filled the seat behind the drum kit vacated by Earl Hudson and Mackey Jayson. Several tours ensued until H.R. and Earl ran out of money and the band reunited as the dreadful Soul Brains. Since we last heard from Treece he has become a fairly successful studio musician lately has revived his Philadelphia skate punk band, McRad.

During the almost twenty years since McRad was a name on the 80s hardcore/skate punk scene Chuck Treece has been busy: whether it was a stint as the lead guitarist for Underdog, touring bassist for Urge Overkill or laying down bass for Billy Joel's "River of Dreams." What does nineteen tracks get you in 2007? Judging from the re-recorded versions of songs from Absence of Sanity or his lone solo album Dream'n - Treece still has a lot to give back. "Feel" blends Treece's hardcore roots with the pop chops he displayed so aptly on Dream'n. Rapid fire rhythm guitar with late 80s hardcore drums and bass lines flow evenly with vocals. "Prevent That Tragedy", "Dead by Dawn", and "McShred" are songs that appeared on MC Rad's sole full length - Absence of Sanity. On the new version of "McShred" Treece add's some hip overtones and slows down his vocal delivery. Like HR of the Bad Brains he is trying out a new vocal style for 2007. Unlike H.R., however, Treece's vocals aren't hidden behind unnecessary "artistic" vocal effects.

We hear that Chuck is returning to the studio to lay down new tracks for another forthcoming record. McRad is a welcome comeback and we look forward to hearing more from Treece.

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