Friday, September 07, 2007

The Klaxons Win Mercury; Everyone Pays Attention To Amy Winehouse

The Klaxons may have taken the 2007 Mercury Music Prize for their debut album, Myths Of The Near Future, but they weren't the big story as Amy Winehouse's return to the stage seemed to be all anybody could talk . . . and write about. Winehouse made her first appearance on stage in many weeks and for the moment took the focus off of her rumored stint in rehab and domestic abuse tete-a-tete with her husband by playing an acoustic rendition of "Love Is A Losing Game."

Beyond the effusive host at the Mercury Awards. Not everyone is singing Winehouse's praises though. "I think it took the focus away from the fact that the Mercury Music Prize is about the music," said Jamie Reynolds, The Klaxons' frontman. "Amy is an amazing artist but coming in . . . and hearing questions about whether Amy will turn up or not is boring. It’s just a shame."

Seeing as most coverage of the event turned The Klaxons' win into the "Spinal Tap" to Amy Winehouse's "Puppet show," Reynolds may have a point.

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