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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Parlor Mob 

By: David Schultz

The Parlor Mob first caught Earvolution’s attention at this year’s SXSW Festival. Originally planning to make our exit from the Fado Irish Pub, Paul Ritchie and Dave Rosen’s double guitar assault, Nick Villapiano's menacing keyboards, Sam Bey's pounding drums and Mark Melicia’s Robert Plant quality vocals kept us riveted for the entirety of their set. Formerly known as What About Frank?, The Parlor Mob are cut from the same mold of hard-driving, old-school bands like Rose Hill Drive.

The New Jersey based group has just entered the studio to cut their first full length album for Roadrunner Records. In the meantime, they have a 4 song EP that nicely captures the band’s riff-heavy metallic blues. For those who won’t be able to travel to England to see the Led Zeppelin reunion or are impatient for the new Wolfmother album to drop, Reverb Nation is making it possible to satisfy your jones for Seventies-style hard rock by making The Parlor Mob EP available for download.


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