Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rose Hill Drive Host "Rock Me"

Earvolution, obviously, is a fan of great live music which is why we feature bands like Rose Hill Drive and many others from of the "festival circuit." Live music is alive and well, as is the festival scene. The experience of a festival, be it Bonnaroo or Mountain Jam, is not just the music but the personal interaction. So, I find it interesting that someone is putting together an "online music festival."

Rose Hill Drive is hosting the "event" that will feature several bands including Gosling, who played the Earvolution Happy Hour during the Industry of Music Showcase at Fado in Austin during this year's SXSW week. Yes, our event was "live" in the personal interactive sense. This one is a streaming webcast billing itself as "the first online mosh pit." Maybe it's just me, but an online mosh pit doesn't seem nearly as much fun as the real thing. But, I dig RHD so I'd likely tune in...except you have o download some new application to get it. I think I'll just wait to see them live (in person live, that is).

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