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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Scott Stapp Revisits Kid Rock Sex Tape

Scott Stapp channelled his inner Bill Clinton recently by telling Spin magazine there was no "sex" on the sex tape featuring some young ladies visiting the Kid Rock tour bus. Of course, like the former President, Mr. Stapp apparently doesn't count blow jobs as sex (which may or may not be happening on the tape).

Besides putting his own spin on what (or who) really went down on the Kid Rock sex tape, Stapp revealed something new to me about Creed. He told Spin the tape was made back in 1999 down in Florida when Creed was playing with Metallica. Regardless of whether Stapp did or did not get oral sex on the tape, the real scandal to me is not the sex tape but the fact that Metallica let Creed open for them!


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