Monday, August 01, 2011

BuzzUniverse Announces September 20 Album Release

On September 20, BuzzUniverse will release Living Breathing Magic, their third studio album. On their long awaited release, BuzzUniverse ambitiously fuses together traditional rock, acoustic folk, South American melodies, world rhythms and old-school funk into their own distinctive blend, offering definitive versions of live staples, distinctive interpretations of Latin cantatas and wide-ranging takes on groove-heavy explorations.

"Another Way," the first single from Living Breathing Magic, can be downloaded gratis by right clicking here. In addition to "Another Way," BuzzUniverse is also making "Lovelight Babylon,” the Sirius/XM Radio hit from birdfishtree, and “Her Captain” from Musik For Abstract Citizens available for free download on their Web site.

To celebrate the release of their latest album, BuzzUniverse will headline The Canal Room, 285 Broadway in New York City on September 16. Tickets are on sale now through TicketWeb.

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