Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Enthusiasts: "Sinkin'/Risin'" b/w "Joanne"

By: Rinjo Njori

The Enthusiasts jump from English Power Pop into the Power Trio arena with their second single. While their first single might have been stylistically different they settle down nicely on their latest. "Sinkin'/ Risin'" blends the 60s psychedelic and 70s blues-metal leanings of Deep Purple and Ogden's Nut Flake-era The Small Faces. Joey F. blends the guitar sounds of Ritchie Blackmore on the big riffs while Dylan H. and Matt G. match him beat for beat. The shout style 70s metal chorus might sound out of place to some but blends nicely overall. "Joanne" takes their foot off the pedal and they rely and laid back guitars and minimal vocal melodies. The song builds towards something during the last minute and showcases Joey F.'s guitar work. The Enthusiasts are progressing musically from something less primitive and engaging but are willing to keep the songs fun.

*Note, you can find The Enthusiasts "In The City" now on the Garage Punk Hideout Comp: Noises from the Hideout: The Best of the Garage Punk Hideout Vol. 6, here.

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