Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ryan Adams Covers Iron Maiden's 'Wasted Years'; Maiden Singer Dickinson to Fly for Hurricane Relief

Singer/songwriter Ryan Adams, who holds the hair bands and heavy metal of the Eighties dear to his heart, stopped by the studios at BBC2 on August, 30, 2011, while in support of his new solo effort, Ashes & Fire.  Guitar in hand, Adams laid down one his favorite tunes from heavy metal legends Iron Maiden during a live broadcast.  The video embedded below also appears on the official Iron Maiden facebook fan page.

Iron Maiden also reported that lead singer and licensed pilot Bruce Dickinson will fly the band's Boeing 757, Ed Force One, from Newark, NJ to Iceland to assist Icelanders stranded in NYC because of Hurricane Irene.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

BuzzUniverse Grows By Two

With the September 20 release of Living Breathing Magic, their third studio album, rapidly approaching, BuzzUniverse announced that singer Rosie Lazroe and violinist Meredith Rachel are officially joining the band as permament members.

Lazroe’s vocal skills are on full display on “Rock,” the second single from Living Breathing Magic, which you can download for free by clicking here.

To celebrate the release of Living Breathing Magic, BuzzUniverse will headline The Canal Room, 285 Broadway in New York City on September 16. Tickets are on sale through TicketWeb.

Schultz Earful: The Decemberists

If you need an explanation why this is the coolest video since OK Go found treadmills, go find a Howling Fantod and ask them to educate your illiterate self

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mondo Ray: "Hypnotized"

By: Rinjo Njori

Last spring Mondo Ray contributed a track to It Came from the Hideout- The Best of the Garage Punk Hideout Vol. 1 and impressed with the Riverboat Gamblers-esque "Brush Your Tits." Raucous, melodic punk from Munich, Germany that proves Punk Rock is Nicht Tot! (Not dead).
A funny thing happened with the arrival of Hypnotized, instead of frenetic melodic punk, the boys of Mondo Ray put out an even more melodic, new wave-ish power pop single. Falling somewhere between Gentlemen Jesse and His Men and the Carbonas. "Hypnotized" is advertised as sugary sweet west coast power pop, but if Plimsouls doesn't run through your mind then you don't know your power pop. Mondo Ray's song clearly was inspired by the Plimsouls own "Hypnotized" but clearly this is more vibrant and the sum of it's musical inspiration. No dreamy jangly guitars here. The band backs the single with the excellent post punk meets power pop "Nothing." The laid back vibe of the song, plucking rhythms, and catchy chorus is infectious.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tony Cox: On the Way

By: Rinjo Njori

Tony Cox follows up 2009’s Unpublished with the same formula but offers up a surprise or two. On the Way, Cox’s sophomore effort, draws on further inspiration from R&B and 70s rock. Joining Cox again are Nigel Clark (vocals, keys, and bass) and Darren Finlan (drums). Their contribution on vocals and rhythm section provide continuity from Unpublished.

The fun, tongue in cheek "We'll Get High" incorporates some horns and falsetto back up vocals that give the song a 70s R&B feel in the vein of Paul Weller. "Dropped Me a Like a Stone" has similar elements but doesn't come together like "We'll Get High." "Hold Me Angeline" and "Alicia" use the classic British Invasion formula but Cox wisely shakes it up a little with the more contemporary "Alicia." The title track is reminiscent of The Dream Academy with more obvious nods to the Beach Boys. The vocal harmonies on the whole album are simply amazing. Each voice is unique and brings something extra to the song. Far too often artists throw in some additional vocals and it can sound out of place. "The Way" and "Feel the Ride" use vocal harmonies in different ways. The former uses layer after layer on the verse and chorus. The latter uses them for the most part on the verse. Either way Cox ably wielded this instrument in the studio only making this album better.

On The Way really has only one flaw, not enough songs. Cox's latest batch of songs find the right balance, but the nine tracks are over far too quickly. Cox, Clark and Finlan as a team have certainly come together and hit all the right notes. Let's just hope Tony and the boys don't make us wait so long the next time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ryan Adams Announces Release Date For New Album

October 11 is the announced release date for the latest from Ryan Adams, Ashes & Fire, which was produced by the legendary Glyn Johns at the Sunset Sound Factory in Hollywood.  Guitar World reports that Norah Jones and Tom Petty keyboard player Benmont Tench make guest appearances on the work.  

Monday, August 01, 2011

BuzzUniverse Announces September 20 Album Release

On September 20, BuzzUniverse will release Living Breathing Magic, their third studio album. On their long awaited release, BuzzUniverse ambitiously fuses together traditional rock, acoustic folk, South American melodies, world rhythms and old-school funk into their own distinctive blend, offering definitive versions of live staples, distinctive interpretations of Latin cantatas and wide-ranging takes on groove-heavy explorations.

"Another Way," the first single from Living Breathing Magic, can be downloaded gratis by right clicking here. In addition to "Another Way," BuzzUniverse is also making "Lovelight Babylon,” the Sirius/XM Radio hit from birdfishtree, and “Her Captain” from Musik For Abstract Citizens available for free download on their Web site.

To celebrate the release of their latest album, BuzzUniverse will headline The Canal Room, 285 Broadway in New York City on September 16. Tickets are on sale now through TicketWeb.

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